How landlords save ££££s with these little items!!

BINS ! As a cleaner of many HMOs and house-shares the most time-consuming thing we encounter (aside from washing up!) is picking up the toilet rolls and used bottles from the floors of the bathrooms so BINs is a big one! As the toilet rolls multiply (no gender-bashing here!) the general muckiness of the house overall gets worse. Bins are smarter, cleaner and alot easier (and less time-consuming than rounding up rubbish in what could be a short slot for cleaning).

VACUUM CLEANER  An excellent vacuum cleaner is essential. You would be surprised by the number of tenanted homes we visit that do have access to a vacuum but it is blocked or doesn’t work. Some landlords get their houses cleaned only once a month and during that time there can be alot of build up of dirt over a short time especially in the larger HMOs. This will save ££££ in the long run!!! The tenants can now keep their rooms vacuumed which means there is less to do when new tenants move in! As with the bathroom bins …. no tenant wants to live in a dirty home and providing this item will be a money-saver of the future!

A DECENT MOP AND BUCKET. Picture the scene. The tenant has spilled a jar of tomato sauce on the kitchen floor and the only thing to hand is the teatowel! With a poor clean up the sauce now begins being traipsed through the house on the bottom of peoples feet.

A RECYCLING BOX One of our houses was a houseshare where the table would get stacked up with recycling, bottles, jars, boxes and plastic packaging for meat. Apart from being a health hazard the tenants will not use a recycling box if it is not to hand. The HMOs we have visited that have recycling boxes in the kitchen work better than any other system I have seen as the worktops are clear and when it gets full it jolts the tenants into action to put it out!

I hope you have found this money-saving insight into HMOs of some value!